2017 Knowledge Summit In Vail Colorado


At CSF we believe in continuing our education as we prosper together as a team. Biannually we do events as an entire firm to come together and learn about how to take care of our clients by using products and tools aimed at helping them to continue to build their financial future, while taking care of their families, businesses and the legacy they wish to leave behind. During this time, we also have the opportunity to focus on not just business, but the bigger picture- life. This year we were fortunate enough to be able to learn from someone who knows a lot about life, and about not giving up. Let’s face it, life can seem hard for us in a moment, whether it is our business or personal struggle, but sometimes it takes the perspective of someone who has really lived a life full of challenges that they didn’t chose to give us great perspective. Dartanyon Crockett is that young man. The team at CSF gained more perspective from him about overcoming lives obstacles and continuing to “carry on” then we ever thought possible. He continues to emulate what living is all about and what not giving up really means. Thanks Dartanyon, for making our Vail Knowledge Summit 2017 something we will not soon forget.